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A number of the Friends of the Chesapeake Railway Museum have always felt that the museum needed a model of the railway to help in our explanations to our visitors about the museum and Chesapeake Beach. In the spring of 2017, we discovered that there were enough like-minded train nuts to form a model railroad club. We started with meetings once a month to discuss our passion. We soon found that a great project for the club would be to build a model railroad that would represent our long gone railroad in its heyday of the 1920s. As our plans started to develop, we became an official part of the Friends of the Chesapeake Beach Railway with the purpose of building this museum quality model railroad for the museum. We will not only finish this project but also build a group that will be a strong group of friends in a strong model railroad club.

Larry Brown, President
Chesapeake Beach Model Railroad Club

As an active member of the Friends of Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum (FCBRM), you can enjoy the added complimentary benefit of joining the Chesapeake Beach Model Railroad Club (CBMRC). The CBMRC promotes the hobby of model railroading, preserves and teaches the history of the Chesapeake Beach Railway and has fun while doing it!

Founded in the spring of 2017, the club is committed to creating a museum-quality model railroad representing the Chesapeake Beach Railway in its heyday of the 1920s. The model evokes key stops along the line from Washington, D.C. to the Chesapeake Beach resort, including Seat Pleasant, Upper Marlboro, Lyons Creek Bridge, the carousel and bandshell and many more. The layout will be O 1:48 scale/ratio.

The railroad is maintained by volunteers for fun and education. Visitors will be able to operate the layout when volunteers are on duty. If you are interested in model railroading, track and scenery building, wiring, operating trains and making new friends, come on down! During the summer, the club meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6pm at the museum. Members of the FCBRM and the Model Railroad Club meet to work on the model every Tuesday at 10am at the museum as well. We are a non-profit organization and attend and display at other public events. Watch this space for public model railroading programs at the museum and special appearances off-site.

More information can be found on the CBRM Facebook page or the FCBRM Facebook page.

For more information, please contact Larry Brown at 301-855-7477 or lbrown9601@verizon.net.

Please check out the three latest and greatest model railroad progress photos below.

Mike and George worked on the layout and they had a visit from Matt who is working on the CBRR station. Mike is working on the farm outside of Seat Pleasant, planting corn. He has also installed trolley rails at the station for a future trolley. Mike and George ran #3 with it's two coaches to make sure all clearances were good and to set the station block in the rails. Rich really did a fine job kit bashing that 4-4-0 and it looks fantastic!  This will be a hit.

George added more scenery then cleaned, sanded and re-stained the the wood sills and columns. A few coats of clear finish will be applied to give the layout base a good spit shine in anticipation of the December 2nd layout presentation. George and the CMM staff will work on the acrylic panels as well. Once installed, the layout with its finish coat and glazing just might look pretty good.

There are less than two weeks to get the layout in a presentable state, so we will stop scenery work, drilling, etc so as to concentrate on cleaning up the area, clearing the shelves, cleaning up under the layout so it is easier to move around, access the controls and find stuff that is to be stored down there. After the holidays, we will commence with the final control wiring of the block, lighting, scenery and other details not yet finished.

CLICK HERE for archived model progress photos.


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