125 Years of Chesapeake Beach, 1894-2019

The many lives of Chesapeake Beach, originated from the idea that Chesapeake Beach was a wonderful destination, and loaded with potential. The Chesapeake Beach Railway was the impetus and driving factor that put the town on the map, which was incorporated in 1894. Today, while the railway no longer runs, the station remains central to the town, quietly standing strong amidst change, observing, and adapting.

1. Chesapeake Beach Resort

2. Seaside Park, Incorporated*

*park was closed during the 1943/1944 seasons,
largely due to gas rationing during WWII

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3. Chesapeake Beach Park
Coincides with Grand Opening of Rod ‘n Reel Restaurant

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4. Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum
The station still stands, witnessing changes and growth…and telling our story!

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