Three-Dimensional Objects

One of the highlights of our exhibits is the Dentzel kangaroo carousel figure that was used on the merry-go-round that operated in Chesapeake Beach from 1930-1970s. Our collection includes train tools, spikes, hand cars, signal lanterns, souvenirs from the amusement parks, and pieces of history from local businesses and attractions. An interesting and fun part of our collection is from Camp Roosevelt, a boy scout camp that operated just south of Chesapeake Beach from 1913 until the mid-1960s. Originally named Camp Archibald Butt, Camp Roosevelt was one of the earliest boy scout camps in Maryland. Many of the boy scouts would arrive by train to Chesapeake Beach and take a short boat ride or oxcart to the camp. Our Camp Roosevelt collection includes clothing, badges, and items collected by the scouts that visited the camp.

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