The Stations

Postcard image of the Chesapeake Beach Railway Station, c.1900

The District Line Station at Seat Pleasant, Maryland was CBR’s main depot and operating headquarters. This was where passengers from Washington, D.C. arrived by trolley to board the Chesapeake Beach Railroad. The Marlboro Station, at about the halfway point of the line, was one of the larger depots measuring 24 by 62 feet. It had a siding that would hold 12 cars and two 600-foot spurs. Marlboro was a significant stop for mail and freight.

Owings Station became the busiest year-round depot on the line, outstripped only by Chesapeake Beach Station in the summer. It was a major distribution point for freight, express, and mail. Many local agricultural products were shipped through Owings. It had a large wooden depot, 18 by 61 feet in dimension, with a canopy covered platform. The passing track at Owings was the longest of the railway, capable of receiving 17 cars.

At the end of the line, the original 1898 Chesapeake Beach Station still stands today. The frame depot measures 20 by 50 feet and has a canopied platform. In summer months, the station was crowded with people coming to the resort. This station had electric and telegraph service. A number of other way stations or whistle stops served the line. Section crews for maintenance of the railway worked out of Seat Pleasant, Marlboro, and Owings, Maryland.

"Otto Mears Goes East: The Chesapeake Beach Railway, by Ames W. Williams, pg. 50."
"Otto Mears Goes East: The Chesapeake Beach Railway, by Ames W. Williams, pg. 50."