Aerial map of Chesapeake Beach 1938.

The MEMBERS-ONLY Club House (later named The Belvedere) was built hand-in-hand with the racetrack. Newspapers across the country stressed their connection. The Club House was described as a “Swiss Chalet”… the prize exhibit at the end of the walkway… and as another gambling option for those tired of betting on the horses!
**PLANS VS. REALITY** Despite the exorbitant amount of money went into this venture: the building of the racetrack, the grandstand for 2000 people, the stables for hundreds of horses… THERE WAS NO PAYOFF! Horses NEVER raced here… regardless of the many attempts to revive the plan!
*this is an aerial from 1938; 38 years AFTER the racetrack was built (but still shows its outline.)
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